Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Oscars

In honor of the Oscars tonight, here are some pieces that make me happy!!

Carrie Bradshaw's jaw-dropping Versace Couture gown.

Gorgeous, Gorgeous shoes that I would love to add to my collection!!

Ever since seeing "Coco Before Chanel" I have been obsessed with finding an authentic looking fisherman's shirt. Any suggestions!?

When I think the Academy Awards, I think elegance and of course, CHAMPAGNE. No other image combines them any better than this Grace Kelly Champagne ad.

I started with her and I'll finish with her. Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2010 Academy Awards. LOVE HER!!!


  1. Love that first dress you posted & all the shoes & OF COURSE the Princess Grace ad...I love, love, love her!

    Didn't you love watching all the pretty dresses walk down the red carpet?! I rushed home from church to start watching :) Loved several, but (don't hate me) I was not very impressed with Mrs. SJP. She is normally more exciting, and this just really didn't do it for me. Oh well, you can't please 'em all.


  2. Award season is one of my favorite seasons ;) hehe! You know I thought the same thing at first but then she said it was Chanel Couture and then she turned a certain way and I just died. There are very few things that she can't pull off. She even looked fabulous in that Tartan Alexander McQueen gown a few years ago at the Costume Institue Gala. I honestly can't think of anything that she wasn't able to pull off. There were very few misses though in my book last night. Too bad I couldn't stay up and watch Sandra's acceptance speech....

  3. Very good point friend.

    And, oh man, you missed a tear jerker with Sandy! I hope you've youtube'd it, or Hulu? Love her!


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