Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What day is it? Where am I?

This morning I awoke to the sound of rain outside my window.

Ahhh…Oh how I love waking up on a lazy summer’s day to the sound of rain falling on a tin roof! Slowly waking up, a couple of stretches before actually making it out of bed and all the while deciding if I want to read a book all day, maybe do some baking or leisurely go through and sort some old pictures (all of which I enjoy doing on a dreary day). I quickly realized however, that it was Wednesday and it was 530am; reality quickly flooding back to me.

I finally make it out of the door and on my way to work
along with all the idiots who come out when it rains. I am still bewildered when I see cars on the road in blinding rain with no lights on. They are asking to get in an accident! On days like today, I avoid the highway as much as possible, especially after I hear that my normal route will increase my commute by 30 minutes--no thank you! My avoid-the-highway-route, takes me down a hilly, somewhat scenic road. For some reason this morning, it was as if I was in la-la land, thinking of everything that I would want to be doing except driving to work.

With Iron & Wine playing in the background, Im envisioning myself in several different scenarios.

  1. Im in a cabin somewhere with not much to do besides read a book, play cards, watch movies, or just sit and watch the rain fall. Frauline...I don't think this was a coincident ;)
  2. Not more than I few minutes later, I was picturing how nice it would be to be in London. Walking around Trafalgar Square, taking in everything and eventually, when I felt the time right, heading to a local Wagamama for lunch! I really wish someone would bring a franchise down here!
  3. Finally, Im in a stucco house on the Half Moon Bay in Akumal, Mexico, laying in the sun watching a thunderstorm make its way into the harbor. I would watch it for a while but eventually would head upstairs, crack my window, close my blinds and take an afternoon nap.

Actual thunderstorm rollin up to Casa Bonita

Keep in mind all of scenarios ran through my mind like Mario after he catches a magic star. The excitement of a new idea and the thrill of the possibility, but sadly, before I was ready, it was over.

Was it the weather this morning and my groggy wandering mind that envisioned these thoughts or was it my subconscious telling me that its time for me to have a getaway trip? Please say the second oneWhatever the reason, these thoughts gave me something to ponder on during my dreary Wednesday.

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