Saturday, March 13, 2010

Put this one in your book!

For those of you who know our family dog, Dino (or Pluto), you know his current standing. The poor thing has an alergic reaction to something in our house and therefore he smells stank nasty. Not only does he have this ripe smell that follows him, much like Linus and his dust clouds, but he also has several fatty tumors. They're not cancerous; they are literally large masses of fat lumped together on his body. He has one HUGE one that resembles a boob and I think I might have found another one tonight.

How you ask?

I gave Dino a bath.....yep....that's right! I actually put him in the tub, filled it with water, and touched him. Poor thing, it was like he had spent a day at the spa. As I was scrubbing the stench that is known as Dino, he was enjoying every second of it. You should have seen the pep that he had in his step when he was done. You would have thought he was a puppy again. It kinda made me feel bad for our neglect.

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