Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's in a Name

Family names are a big deal in my family!

There have been dibs placed on family names for children not even born yet, there have been family quarrels on who is going to name their what, there have even been names not even spoken for fear of someone claiming the name as their own!

Well, below are some family names which I have a feeling might not be some of the front runners in our family:

Bibby Bomar (1754-?)
Booker Bomar (1810-1889)
Fielding Bomar (1762-1840)
Larkin Cleveland (1772-1852)
Leander Murdock Alden (1829-1880)
Water Cleveland (1875-?)

Adeliza Wight (1794-1794)
Ambrose Blackburn (1710-1780)
Hopestill Alden (1668-1753)
Patience Bomar (1793-1823)
Thankful Alden (1813-1847)

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