Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ode to an Old House

Today, my Mom, Dad, Brother, and I are taking a day trip to Spartanburg, SC. My brother, who is a rising Senior in high school, is attending a one day football camp at Wofford College.

My father has recently become obsessed with my Great-Great-Grandparent's house which still stands in the city (once you see pictures, I'm sure you'll understand!). My dad was discussing the transportation plans with my mom one night as well as their plans while my brother was at the camp and I quickly invited myself along! There are only two of us in our immediate family who have not seen the house, Bon Haven as it's called, so I couldn't pass up this opportunity!

My Great-Great-Grandfather, as I recently found out, was deemed Spartanburg's most distinguished businessman and some also deemed him "Spartanburg's first citizen". He had a hand in the developement of almost every aspect of the city; from the school system (founding one college and being on the board of another), to health care, to the water system, to the city's bank and cotton mills he even was a part of the house senate. The names John Bomar and Georgia Alden Cleveland are still very prominent in the city today.

I'm very excited to hopefully journey back a little bit in time and visit the same places where my relatives lived and basically created!

For more information or pictures on Bon Haven (because my computer won't let me upload any), I highly recommend the article below from Garden and Guns Magazine: Ode to an Old House

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