Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marilyn Monroe

I have recently taken up an interest with Marilyn Monroe.

She has always been a person of interest but lately I found myself more intrigued with her. There were basic things I knew and loved about her:

I love the fact that she was not runway model thin. 

I love the fact that she was both a baseball wife and a literary wife. 

But mostly, I love the fact that she was absolutely, without a doubt, glamorous!

Well, recently, my mom and I were planning an upcoming trip to Plymouth, Mass and Boston and we were researching places to visit. We were on the Alden House website and on there they have a link of famous descendants of John and Priscilla Alden. In the list were political people such as John Adams and Dan Quayle and some other scholarly people but there was also Norma Jean Baker; professionally known as Marilyn Monroe!

Immediately, we stopped so I could add this information to my family tree! Turns out that Marilyn Monroe is my 9th Cousin 1x removed! 

My family line to John Alden comes from Joseph Alden, John and Priscilla’s third born and Norma Jean comes from Elizabeth Alden, J & P’s first born.  
I told you we were related!!
Just wanted to brag a little!

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