Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Girl on a Budget

Have I told you how much I love Rachel Zoe?  

 I really do! She is my daily inspiration – at least when it comes to my wardrobe. Each year when the Award shows begin, I love to see all of the dresses and guess which ones Rachel styled.

Then there is her show, The Rachel Zoe Project, which premiered last night (and, yes, I did just sing that last little bit)! I absolutely love everything about it; the clothes, the celebrities, the process, the sayings! It would be my guilty pleasure if I didn’t feel bad about watching it! Sorry I'm not sorry!

What I mostly love about Rachel Zoe, and I’m not even entirely sure that the credit should go to her but I’m feeling generous, is Piperlime! Probably 3 out of 5 days, I’m on their website just browsing! It’s where I go to daydream about my future wardrobe!
What I love most about Piperlime is their GIRL ON A BUDGET section. I love it because the company recognizes that there are people out there who appreciate the finer things in life but are not always able to have them.

They break down everything into categories (everything is under $100) and then also give you outfit ideas with the price conscious pieces. If you haven’t ever visited Piperlime because you think it is all couture, high-end pieces, I highly suggest you give it another go, or at least admire it like I do!

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