Sunday, May 15, 2011

Calling all my creative, resourceful friends!

I have a hobby; a serious one!

I am fascinated with history and genealogy! I have been researching my family history for a few months now. First trying to go back to the Mayflower and now trying to find my grandmother's father and any of his relatives. But I keep going back to one small detail. 

A few months back, NBC aired a series following 8 celebrities as they traced back their family history. Each of the episodes were all very interesting! But Ashley Judd's episode really peaked my interest. 

Like my heritage, Ashley is able to trace her family all the way back to the Mayflower to William Brewster, one of the main founders of the Mayflower expedition. In the episodes, Ashley makes a stop at the New England Historic Genealogical Society and in this particular segment, they present her with a keepsake. As Ashley unravels the scroll, she sees that it is a family lineage chart from her all the way back to William Brewster. 

Immediately, I think to myself, 


I have been in search of a family lineage chart for a while that looks as simple and elegant as this one above. All of the family trees, charts, graphs, etc. that I have googled have all been included some sort of literal tree or it doesn't go back as far as I need it to go back or it's in a different format that I do not find apealling. 

So here's my question/request, if any one out there knows where I can obtain a family lineage chart like the one above or know how I can go about having one made, I would be forever indebted to you! 

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions that are given! 


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  2. I would check Janet Hovorka's Generation Maps ~ ~
    she has some very beautiful charts . . . simple to very decorative. You may find what you are looking for. I too would love a very simple pedigree chart as Ashley received . . . may look into that myself. I do have a working chart from Janet, I love it. I framed it and have it hanging in my "family" room. She also has a blog, the Chart Chick ~ Good luck.

  3. Why don't you plan a visit to NEHGS and talk with the genealogists and librarians there, and they can help you put together a chart like the one Ashley Judd recieved. You can even hire one of the staff genealogists to do the work for you, but that would take a lot of the fun away. You can also work with the staff online, or with your local Mayflower Society. You have many, many options, depending on where you are located, how much time you want to put into this, and how much you want to spend or do yourself! Have fun! (I've been working on this for 30 years, and I've discovered eleven Mayflower passengers)

  4. Just what I was thinking, Heather!
    Plus by putting it together yourself with the help of NEHGS, you can create more charts as desired as this is a single lineage chart. As you research will develope other lines that you may want to display.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  5. I contacted NEHGS on Friday! Thanks for the advice! I'll keep y'all posted!


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