Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Thursday 3.17.11

Girls of Scripp's College sunbathing bet 

So there I was, driving home yesterday, sitting in traffic and the sun was beaming down onto my face. I'm not the kind of person who dreads driving home and getting stuck in traffic. Living in Atlanta, that's just part of your daily routine. Some days are worse than others but for the most part I handle it pretty well, at least I think so. Anyways...ok, focus! So like I was saying, I was sitting in my car at a red light and realized that it is definitely spring! I realized this when I noticed that the sun was actually warming my face! Yes, I realize that the sun is out everyday all the time, but it actually occured to me yesterday that the sun was actually warming everything -- and it felt amazing! I could have put my car in park and doozed off for a few minutes had I not been at a very busy intersection. So, in honor of Happy Thursday AND the recent arrival of spring. Here are a few pics that are making me happy right now!



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