Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Going on Day 3

This past weekened, my mother made the wise decision for me to spend the night at their house Sunday in case the snow and ice were as bad as they were anticipated to be. Well, I've been snowed in at my parents since Sunday (if it wasn't obvious by the previous post). Last night my mom got the call to go into work today as did my dad and myself. (Dad and I work together) So this morning, we all got up and got dressed for work. Mom left, Dad left, and then it was my turn. It is now 12:00 as I write this and I have been trying to get out of the driveway since 9 this morning. I finally got an email from my dad telling me to stay off the roads because they are still pretty icy and dangerous. Awesome! 

So here I am again, day 3 of being snowed in and can continue my Ancestry research. Last night my mom and I decided to go through my grandmother's many many pictures that she has boxed up over the years. Here's just a few of what we came across: 

My Great-Great Grandfather and his second wife circa 1954 in Bad Nauheim, Germany 

L to R: My Grandfather, John C Reynolds, his brother Homer, his sister Alice, and his parents in St. Simons Island in 1949. 

So sweet!! My Grandfather and my mom! October 1959. 

Again, my Grandfather and mom. 
Sadly, he passed away 11 months after this picture was taken. 

Oma and my mom, Easter 1961

My Great-Grandmother Frieda Balser Hussenetter
For those of you who know my younger sister, they apparently are very similar. 

My Grandmother (far left), Tante Karola, and my Great-Grandmother in Karl-Berg, Germany. 
Not sure if you can see it but Tante Karola is having a nice good laugh probably because of something witty and dry that my Great-Grandmother said. 

Not sure the details but I just like this one but I think my Grandmother (2nd from the left) looks so pretty!!

My parents, less than two months after their wedding, celebrating my mom's 21st birthday! 

My younger sister and I at a family reunion!

My younger sister and I at a family birthday celebration! 

Hopefully, I'll be able to uncover a lot more stories and memories today!!

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