Sunday, February 28, 2010

The day has finally come...

So I have finally done it...I have once again succumbed to another internet frenzy. I have started a blog. I blame this one on my newly acquired internet browsing time and my envy that I have after coming across several, very adorable and intriguing blogs. I do not guarantee that my blog will be nearly as interesting or creative as other blogs out there, but it'll be all me and things I love! I first thought of creating a blog of my mom's nightly recipes that she so easily whips together but then knowing me, I'd stray off topic and end up looking at something fun and shiny! So here's to me not staying on the subject!


  1. hip hip hoooray! welcome to the blog world :) love your nesting newbies butoon, i'm totally getting it on mine :)

    Happy Monday xoxo

  2. I love shiny things, too! You make life so much more interesting!! thanks for the blog.


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